Car Guy Garage

"What should I buy for him this year? I've bought him a tie last year, and belt last 2 years, and socks, he has alot, erm.. shirts, that's too common.. *arrghh*"

Have you ever encounter this situation before. Tired of thinking what to buy for your guy friends? Why not try something new and different at Car Guy Garage? Car Guy Garage offers a wide range of gifts for guys from cabinets, workbenches, flooring, storage and equipments for the Garage.

They have lots of really cool stuff and one of it, that I think my darling will love it is this stunning black refrigerator. Isn't she a cool babe? *wink*

Description - Von Dutch Garage Refrigerator
This is a garage refrigerator. Almost four feet in length, this garage refrigerator has the capacity for all your car guy buddies hanging out in your garage. This bowed out chest is air cooled, but can also be chilled with ice or water. Unplug, fill with ice & easily wheel outside for a garage party with your refrigerator.

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