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I am so excited with Christmas just a week more. I've been busy buying gifts for my families & friends these past two weekends. It was tiring but it's worthwhile because I know they will be very happy to receive my gifts. I love to see all those smiling faces. Their smiles make my heart rejoice! :)

As I am eagerly waiting for Christmas, I thought it would be fun to see whether I've been naughty or nice this year by taking this naughty or nice quiz. Well, although I knew I'll be categorized as Nice but it's good to have an acknowledgment from someone. ;)

'Tis the season of Christmas and all through the 'hood, Little boys and girls wonder, "Oh crap, was I good?" Were you naughty or nice, wanna learn which it is? Then enough with your questions -- just take this fun quiz. Oh, never you fear, there's a naughty quiz here, To test if you're nice, and to fill you with cheer. Find out with this quiz, did your deeds suffice? What will Santa write down, are you NAUGHTY or NICE?

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aha! so, here's my 'certificate'! :) How about you? Are you naughty or nice?

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