Mr. Bed Bug

When I was in Bangkok, I stayed in a 3-star hotel in Bangna. It has 20 floors and a moderate lobby with a big plasma TV. All their staffs were professional and understand English quite well, which has help me to feel more comfortable despite the different culture. The moment i stepped into my room, i thought, "Wow, this is great! Neat & clean room!" It has refrigerator, wardrobe, safe box, TV, hair dryer, queen bed, one-seater sofa, side coffee table and etc.. It's really not bad for 1200 bath a night. Great Deal!

Everything went on smoothly until the next morning when I noticed small red dots on my legs. It's not just red dots, it started to itch. I realized it was because of the bed bugs. I checked the bedsheet but it's all clean. Indeed it smells good too. How i wish i have a bed bug spray with me then! I was scratching my legs the whole night for the remaining days. At the end of the trip, i ended up with scarred legs and sleepless nights.

Blessedly the bed bugs did not crawl into my luggage and infest my bedroom. Or else I will have to steam clean my room to get rid of it.

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