Video Security Systems

Few months ago, a thief broke into my neighbor's house. The thief was very brave considering that he has the guts to climb onto the roof and went into the house through the roof in DAY TIME. Surprisingly, nobody saw him climbing up the roof even though the sun was shining bright. My neighbor was working at that time, so nobody was at home which is a bonus to the thief. The thief must have done his survey, i guessed!

It was my right side next door neighbor. My mom whom was at home at that time, heard some noises on the roof. You see, our roofs are all connected. So, once you are inside the roof, you can easily go to the next house. It's all just wooden pillars separating each houses. My mom was scared because the noises was becoming more obvious. Her instinct told her to go to our left side next door neighbor for help.

At that time, the thief has already entered the house, taking his own sweet time to choose his "awards". My neighbor whom my mom went to seek help from was an auntie. She called the police. The thief was still unaware that his presence was noticed. He was still inside the house when the polices arrived 10 minutes after the phone call.

What happened after that was exactly like in a movie. According to my mom, the police asked him to surrender himself. If not, they will force inside the house. There were polices in front and at the back of the house. The thief tried to escape from the back, he ran for few meters before police managed to catch him. Good job to our police officers! Thank God that this ended in a good way. :)

When my mom told me this, i was shocked. I thanked God that nothing bad happen to my mom. Actually, this is not the first broken-in i've heard in my neighborhood. There were three cases which has happened to my friends. It's kind of scary when you imagine what if it was your house.

How to prevent our house from broken-in other than installing alarms? (oh, by the way, my neighbor installed alarm too but it's useless. Thief can still go inside your house through the roof.) One way i could think of is to install video security systems. This way, you can monitor and view any movement from outside and inside your house.

Don't be taken aback! I am not referring to those big budget security systems. I am talking about those DIY security cameras. Just place few cameras in strategic places at your home and voila, you can guard your home at a glance.

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