Greetings from Bangkok

Sawasdee ka,

How is everyone? Yeah, I am now in Bangkok. Was here for business on the 4th March and am going back to Malaysia this friday. I hope everyone are doing fantastic, or at the least are doing good.

In these few months of busyness, I realized that I've neglected my friends in blogosphere and weekend snapshots. I am so sorry, guys! I really missed you guys but time does not permit me to reply to all my comments nor visit you guys. Moreover, there's still no internet connection at my new home, making it harder for me go online. >< Sorry, guys!

If you've noticed, I've been using facebook alot lately (since I came to BKK). There were about 400 requests on my facebook and now 300 left only. I am trying to clear all because once I am back home, I won't be able to go online as often. So, you guys will be receiving alot more requests from me. Be prepared, ya! ;)

When I was here for the first time, I didn't have time to buy stuffs for myself. It was all for friends & families. So being the second time here was more of myself. I've bought two bags, a GUESS wallet, a SALVATORE FERRAGAMO perfume and I got a "cross" tattooed at the back of my shoulder. It is a fruitful trip, and i hope my work will go smoothly tomorrow, then it'll be a successful trip! :)

I'll upload all the photos on facebook. Help yourselves, ya! *muaks* *muaks* :)

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