Yay! It's Our 7th Anniversary!

I am so excited! Today is our 7th anniversary. How fast time flies! I still remembered our 6th anniversary at TGIF. It was a great dinner. For this year, we are still deciding where to dine at. We wanted to go to Eden Restaurant but our appetite is also craving for japanese food. "Western? Jap? Western?" We are so torn in between and can't decide what to eat. *sigh* I think we'll see how it goes later. Maybe our appetite will direct us to somewhere definite later.

Talking about our 7th anniversary, i can't believe it's been that long my partner & I are together. My partner is a great guy. He's not really the romantic kind of person but I love him just the way he is. We've watched each others grow from teenagers to young adults. It's an awesome experience!

Once my cousin asked me,"How do you two stay so lovey dovey all the time?" She said we are like new couple, crazily in love with each others. I was, of course, over the clouds nine to hear that. It's not an everyday compliment, you know! :) I guessed the key to our relationship is humor. If there's no laughter in ones relationship, sooner or later they will get bored.

But of course, the most important is that we constantly show how much we care & appreciate each others. For instance, my partner & I always say ,"I love you" before we hug each others to sleep.

Beside that, saying sorry & forgiving is part of a relationship. My partner & I are two different peoples. We have our own opinions. Most of the time, especially in designing, our opinions clashes. And we always ended up arguing. But once the word "Sorry" came out from either our lips, we'll made up. In my personal opinion, no relationships can go through a lifetime together without arguing. (pls correct me if i am wrong)

I am so blessed to have found my partner and thankful that he's part of my life. It's one of the best gift from God! :)

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