8 Things I Am Grateful Of

"How I wished I have alot of money to spend like this woman?" "How I wished I do not need to work and live a stress-free life?" "How I wished I have an understanding sister?" These are the complaints I will usually utter. I guess it's a norm for us to complain about the things that we don't have. But have you ever think about things that you have that you are grateful of?

Abby, the joyful mother of two wonderful kids has given me the opportunity to list down my top 8 Things I am Grateful Of. Thanks, Abby! :)
  1. God - I am grateful that I've came to know Jesus Christ when I was 13 yrs old. He has helped me all the way to be who I am now.
  2. Families - I am grateful that I have a loving families. (this includes my darling's family)
  3. Darling - I am grateful that I have an understanding, loving, supportive partner. Most of all, he accepts & respect & love me for who I am.
  4. Friends - I am grateful that I still have a bunch of friends whom I met during my high school. I wouldn't exchange anything for them. They are my precious! :)
  5. Blogger Friends - I am grateful to have known a bunch of wonderful bloggers in the net. I will treasure you guys for as long as I live! :) (if you think i am talking about you, then I am. Cause only my blogger friends will read my blog! Haha)
  6. Pets - I am grateful that I have Ariel & Brownie to keep us company. Best doggies ever! (even tho' sometimes they've been naughty)
  7. Dad - I am grateful for my Dad because He has given me the opportunity to study Fashion Design even tho' he was tight in budget at that time. I am grateful for all the things that my dad has done for my family. He is the greatest Dad!
  8. Myself - I am grateful that I have all my senses & body parts. (Even tho' I have a skeleton body. Ha-ha)
Now, may I pass this opportunity to these 8 bloggers: Adrian, Nick, Jerry, Trinity, NAFA, Jamilla, Lili and Randy.

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