Chloe's Bedroom

My niece, sweetheart Chloe will be turning 2 years old this coming May 23rd. My sister and I were discussing whether is it time for her to have her own bedroom. Will she be ready to sleep alone? Right now, she's sleeping with my sister and brother-in-law. She can sleep throughout the whole night without making any noise, provided that she has a comfortable sleeping zone of her own.

She's really a princess whom can't withstand any hot weather. If you put her in a normal room-temperature room, she'll sweat like she has just done a 1km run. If you put her under hot sun, she'll complain non-stop, "Hot, hot". That's her, my sweetheart Chloe! So we make sure her comfortable sleeping zone must be an air-conditioned room.

My sister and I were having so much fun discussing about Chloe's soon-to-be bedroom. We surfed the net excitedly for Kids Bedroom furniture, Kids Desk and have a look at some Wooden Childrens Furniture. And look at our harvest! Aren't these furnitures adorable? :) We were thinking to buy her a vanity table as well, as a motivational gift for her newly learned "trick" - combing her own hair in front of mirror. We thought this vanity table will do perfectly. What do you guys think? :)

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