Sweet Home Blogger Award

Sweet Home Blogger Award by Mommyallehs. Thank you for thinking of AGP and me, Mommyallehs! :) *mmuaks*

Sweet Bloggers:
1.) Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey2.) My Precious3.) Just ME.. Eds4.) Eds Mommy Life5.)FunFierceFabulous6.)Me,Myself+27.)Supermodel Wannabe8.) My Life in this Wonderful World!9.) My Online World!10.) In Depth11.) ISL Family 12.) Charmdestiny
13.) Mommyallehs 14.) A Great Pleasure 15.) A Mother’s Journal 16.) Collect and Connect 17.) Reflexes 18.) REALITIES 19) Your Blog!!!

And here's my sweet home blogger award recipients who has just makeover their blogs. They really do deserve a recognition for the marvelous works they've done over at their blogs:
Marzie - MPG, Shemah, Ladyjava and Sasha.
Girls, i hope this award will bring a smile on your face. I really adore your new sweet template! Great job! Hugz & Love!!! :)

Happy Weekend to all! :)

Disclaimer: The above animated gifs were taken from

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