Chef Sushi's Mug Cake in AGP's Kitchen

On one fine afternoon, while my darling was busy with his lappie, i asked him, "Darling, do you want a chocolate cake? I will make one for you." He turned his view to me and briefly replied, "okay."

So I ran down to the kitchen and anxiously make a mug cake for him. Within 10 mins, I returned back to him with a plate of nicely decorated chocolate cake. He got the shock of his life. With his jaws dropped open and his eyes widely open, he asked me,"Where did you get this?" I smiled wickedly [knowing that he would be surprised] and replied,"I make this lar" and go on explaining about Sushi's recipe.

LOL! You guys should have seen the expression on my darling's. It was so funny - like the one in this emoticon! :)

Picture above: I've make this cake exactly in sushi's recipe. Then added 3 tbsp of nutella on top for more chocolatey and sifted 1 tbsp icing sugar for sweetness.

Get the recipe here; SYR #2: Quick and Easy Mug Cake by Sushi

Disclaimer: The above emoticon was taken from Glitter-Graphics.

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