A Poem From Joezul

I am so happy today. My friend, the gifted poet, Joezul has written a poem for me. He said he got the inspiration from the birthday card that i gave Marzie.
Roses are red, candles are white
even though they may comes in different other hue
these are the colours that we remember best,
red… that of passion
of warmth, of devotion, of love
white… untainted purity
of innocence, of virtue
both are colours of the heart.

Colours that best described your heart
a heart full of friendship
that I treasured and prized.
For you are the rose and the candle…

Aren't he the sweetest or what? :)
Thank you, Joe! I love this poem alot!! :) Saying just thank you seems not enough. I would love to present you with an award. I've been looking through my awards, and i found one that is just perfect for you, Joe! Hope you like it!
This award was presented to me by my newly met friend, Vidst! Thank you, vidst! ;) And now, i would like to pass this award to Joezul, the Intellectual Blogger.

This award is intended for those bloggers who demonstrate an inclination to think on their own. This is what I think is needed in today’s blogosphere. The term ‘Intellectual’ has often been derided in recent times, and this is one way to resurrect the true meaning: “An intellectual is one who tries to use his or her intellect to work, study, reflect, speculate on, or ask and answer questions with regard to a variety of different ideas.”


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