Finally AGP Got Her Own Domain!!

Yay, finally AGP got her own domain!! After much talking and researching for a good webhosting and seeing Marzie just got her own domain too, I've finally decided to settle on GoDaddy. It's really a big step for me as I've to prepare myself to lose all my Techno ranking and hence my PR. But I am just so glad & happy that I've made this decision. Going on my own is so exciting!

Well, transfering isn't as complicated as i thought it would. It's pretty easy, actually! I would like to thank my best blogging friend, Marzie for helping & guiding me throughout the whole process. She was indeed my best blogging friend and certainly AGP's fave person. Thank you, marzie! Now, we can build our PR together-gether, rite? :)

Please Update!
"...It's '' now! So, just omit the '.blogspot' from my old url..."

Of course, there are followups to do now. I will need to plan this carefully and not missing anything. Next, I will inform all the programmes that I've joined about my shifting. And then update my MBL, FB, WS, FF and other social networkings i've joined. Oh, and next, i will need you guys to help me with this. Please update my url in your respective blogs. It's '' now! So, just omit the '.blogspot' from my old url. Thank you, peeps! Love ya! :)

First Commentator

Congratulations, TH! and thank you for your comments love! :)
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