No Caffeine For Me

I had a series of headaches during the recent weekend. It got to the peak on Sunday night whereby I vomited and cried because i couldn't stand the pain anymore. M has prohibited me from drinking coffee for the whole week because he thinks that the culprit to my headaches is Mr. Caffeine.

I was doing fine with caffeine-free on day 1. But on day 2, I started to feel discomfort without caffeine. I kept denying that I am addicted to coffee even tho' I was begging him desperately to let me drink coffee. After an hour of begging & pestering, M let me drink coffee. I had half a cup on that day. Despite the truth, I hate it when M says that I am addicted to coffee. I do not know why it is so hard to confess to M that I am a Coffee Addict. Maybe it is just my ego. merajuk

It has been 4 days since my last attack, I am doing fine now. My 'Caffeine-Free' for one week was a failure. I am on caffeine again since day 2. So far, M is fine with me drinking coffee again as long as I am not having headache. Let's hope that I won't get any headaches so soon, ya! doa

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