My Cutie Pies

It has been a while since I last update you guys on my favourite nieces, the Sister Sister. They both has grown up to be so intelligent and adorable, I would say. The elder one, Chloe, is 3 years & 2 months old while Chairmaine or familiarly known as Mei Mei is 1 year & 3 months old.

Chairmaine 1st Birthday at McD's: [From left to right] My Aunt (Kam Mo), Me, Charmaine, My cousins: Mei Chin, Mei Yen and Mei Yu.

Chloe & me on her 3rd birthday party.

Chloe & M: Best Buddies.

Chloe Hugging M. (Marzie, Shem, this is the BB pic i've mentioned. So cute & sweet, kan!)

This was the face she showed me when I have asked for a smile. ihikhik

This is one of the few 'Clear' photo of Chairmaine. She doesn't like to sit still or pose for camera. adus

Aren't they super adorable? Perhaps I can submit their photos in the 2009 Cute Kid of The Year Cutest Baby Picture Competition. If I win, I can get $25,000. Imagine all the toys I could buy with it. rindu Haha.. What do you guys think? Am I too early to be dreaming? senyumkenyit

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Congratulations Marzie, LJ and Shemah! *HUGZ*
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