Brownie & Her Poo

Yesterday (during lunch), while I was having chicken rice, i spotted a standing faeces on the floor. I was happily amazed by it. The first thought that came into my mind was I must capture this with my camera. As soon as i had the first thought, i realized i must get Brownie away from it. Brownie is known for her BIG FOOT STOMPING ON OWN POO. I quickly grabbed her and tied her by her cage. Then hastily took my Olympus camera and took what i thought is the best shot of the faeces (alone). I was feeling dissatisfaction as i viewed the photos on the 2 1/2" wide display screen. The photos looked dull. "Something is amiss," I thought to myself. Then as fast as the lightning, the idea just popped up. With a pair of steady hand, a digital camera & a determined heart, i snapped the perfect shot.
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