Migraine - A particular form of recurrent headache that often runs in families. According to the International Headache Society, migraine headache pain must have four of the following characteristics: one-sided, pulsating or throbbing, at least moderate if not severe, and worsened by ordinary daily activities such as climbing stairs or housework. In addition, the pain must be accompanied by either nausea or else sensitivity to light and noise. There must be no evidence of other disease and at least 4-5 attacks before a physician can be confident of the diagnosis.

Anyone who is close to me, knows very well that Headache is my friend. We've been friends since my secondary years, i think when i was 13 years old. I didn't know i was having migraine (I thought it was just severe headaches) until few years back and only starting to take it seriously now. I've just found out from the
ACHE web, that what I am having might be called "Migraine Equivalent".

Lately, I've been having headache very often, up to twice a day. Sometimes, i have to put myself to sleep because the pain is too great and it is causing me alot of discomforts: nausea & seeing white spots. Other times, i just take painkiller.

My mom told me that my dad had migraine too, as well as my aunts from my dad's. And she asked me to start curing it before it gets more severe. She leave me with two options:
  1. Take supplements, or
  2. Consult a doctor.
I think I'll go for option no.1.

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