Blessed Friday

Today is Good Friday. Darling & I sneaked out from work to attend the 1pm mass at Divine Mercy, Glenmarie with darling's mom & dad, and Steph. Even thought it was a working day, the church was packed with peoples, some of them were like us: sneaking out from work. Many have to parked their cars along the road and some even double-parked, and us being half an hour early have to parked along the roadside. As we were attending the mass, there were notices which they projected up on the screen to asked people to re-park their car. "Double parked cars, please remove immediately. The authorities are here (COPS & MBSA)." "xxx 1234 Please re park asap. You are blocking a trailer" "aaa 6789 Please re park immediately. A trailer is going to smash it." We both felt uneasy during the whole mass & communion at Divine Mercy. Maybe one of the reason is because we are not a regular attendee in that church, thus not familiar with the priest & surrounding. After the mass, we went back to office.

At night, had dinner at Sin Kong Restaurant, Taipan with darling's immediate family and his Aunt & Uncle from Australia. We went back to darling's home after dinner. Darling suggested that we watch movie at home, and i thought, "Well, since i had the free time now. Let me check with shn whether she's able to make it yumcha anot?" I smsed her, then waited 10 mins for her reply. When there's no reply, i called her mobile, it went straight to her voicemail. I called her home, and her mom told me she's not home yet. And i thought,"I guessed she's still at work." And with that, i decided to watch movie with darling, Melvin & Steph.

We watched Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It is about two rival magicians trying to find out about each others secret.
Rating: I would give 31/2 out of 5.

Sh'n called about 30mins later, she said she's not free. *sigh* I am beginning to wonder will we ever get to meet up once a month. I'll be quite busy next week, and I don't think I'll be able to meet up with her and it is sad to think that two good friends are so busy with own life that a meet up once a month could turn out to be like having an appointment with CEO of some big corporate. Shame on both of us!
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