Saturday Afternoon

Me and darling went to Summit USJ this (Saturday) afternoon. We had our lunch at Shakey's. They had this new menu called Stromboli Pizza. A kind of turnover with pizza stuffing. We tried their Stromboli Pizza Deal : 2 soft drinks, 2 soups, 1 cinnastix, 1 banana kaya bread and 1 stromboli pizza (hawaiian delight or beef/chicken pepperoni) @ RM24.04 (inclds 5% GST & 10% ST).

For the stromboli, there's no differences in terms of taste because the filling is the same as the pizza filling. But the biting texture is different because the pastry skin have been baked and thus it is crispier than normal pizza dough. I would try again next time but not as ala carte. It will be not worth buying and not able to fullfill your appetite on its own.

Have you ever tried the Domino's banana kaya bread. It was delicious. So does Shakey's banana kaya bread. The differences between Domino's and Shakey's are their dough and kaya. Domino's have a thinner layer of dough and its kaya is sweeter. Shakey's have the complementary antonyms and its kaya is less sweet. I would say I like both of it.

Before headed home, we bought some dvds and pearl milk tea & popcorn. We watched Bridge to Terabithia starring Josh Hutcherson and Anna Sophia Robb. It's about two fifth graders became friends and together they create a magical kingdom of their own.

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