Cocktail Bag for Steph

Today, 23rd May 2007 is my sweetheart chloe's 1st birthday. She's very clever now. Getting smarter nowadays. Last saturday, my mom taught her how to blow candle. After first teaching only, she was able to remembered and was able to blow her 1st birthday cake during the party on Sunday (Will blog about the party when i get the pictures from my sis). And just now, my sis bought her a play mobile phone, chloe knows how to use it. She put it near her ear and mumble,"Hello". How smart! :D How i wish i could record it and show it to you all! (*sigh* am still without a camera).

Back to myself, I've just finished hand sewn the chiffon embroidery onto the fabric. Am making a cocktail bag for Steph, to go with the dress that i've make for her 2 months ago. Left: It's only the front piece. If all goes smoothly, i'll be able to complete the bag by this thursday. >.<
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