Red Eggs for the Birthday Girl

Today, my mom make 2 Red Eggs for Chloe girl. It's a chinese tradition/ custom to make red eggs for the birthday star. All the while, i thought we just rolled the hard boiled eggs into the red mixture. But mom told me that in order to make the red colour stayed on the egg shells (perfectly), vinegar must be added into the red mixture. (oh i see..)

Chloe girl is learning to walk now. She can stand on her own, the longer time so far is approx. 40 seconds. She can take first step, and only fall on second step. I am so proud of her. :))
She knows how to say "no more" and move her fingers indicating no more. She loves singing and can sing along with you. When i say sing along, i means baby mumblings.. She's a cheerful little girl, always laughing. She will laugh along with you when you laugh.
Time really flies, she's exactly a year old today. I love watching her grow and teaching her a new stuff everyday.
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