Labour Day

On a beautiful morning that i didn't have to go work when i thought i could sleep in, my mom woke me up at 9am. I have to fetched her to my uncle's house at Sunway. They had a Wesak Day programme at their Buddhist Association in Klang. After fetching mom, I didn't want to sleep back. So, I surf the net & played around with Ariel & Brownie until my darling woke up around 11am.

We had our lunch at SS14, a Bak Kut Teh restaurant. Also joining us were Sorchai, Wah Kor & Ah Oh. After that we went to had our cars washed at Shell, USJ 6. Look at the three cars neatly parked side by side. For a normal car wash, it cost us RM7/ wash or RM6/ wash(w/o soap). You might think who will want to wash car without soap. I'll give you an example: Ah Oh.
The guys were supposed to have futsal at 5pm, but was cancelled due to lacking of players. Most of them wanted to have a rest. No one else are as eager as them when it comes to playing football or futsal. So, we ended chit chatting at Coffee Bean.
Ah Oh & Wah Kor were feeling tired so they went home around 5pm. Sorchai followed us home. We played mahjong until 10.40pm. It was crazy, 5 hours of non-stop mahjong. However, It was enjoyable, as I didn't lose (Hahaha..). In one of the rounds, i managed to win within 30 seconds. If it wasn't because we haven't had our dinner & that I have to fetch my mom, we would have play on.
After fetching my mom back, we went to Sin Kong for dinner. It was around 11.45pm. Ad, Tat & Sorchai were also with us. Then, they came to my house to watch football (Liverpool vs Chelsea). Ballack wasn't playing so I've lacked interest in watching the game. Moreover I was dog-tired, I went to sleep at 2.15am.
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