Labour Day's Eve

Had breakfast with Sorchai & Ah Oh at McDonald's before work. It was relaxing as everyone else were on leave, hence we've less calls from our clients.

After work, Ad, Sorchai, darling & I went to watch 7pm movie at GSC, Summit USJ: Dancing Lion starring Anthony Wong, Francis Ng and Teresa Mo. Read the synosis here. At the end of the show, we were quite disappointed that there is no storyline in the movie. It's just plain "Make for fun" production.

After movie, we went to McDonald's (again!) while waiting for Tat to finish his stuff so that we could fetch him which we did at about 10.30pm. We fetched Ad home first (He's going somewhere else) before heading back to Summit USJ for pooling. We've been pooling alot since last friday. Sort of like addicted to it. This time, we played 2 rounds. The first round, me & darling won by 6-4. Second round, we won by 6-3. Haha.. we are unbeatable.. :P
After consuming so much energy & eyes concentration in the games, our stomach began to sound. We had supper at Nanking, Taipan and ended our Labour Day's Celebration at 2am.
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