Last Minute Dinner

Have you ever been so clueless that you just stare blankly at something for a moment? I have! Sitting in my car parked in front of my neighbourhood supermarket, I stared blankly at my steering. I've ran out of idea what to cook for dinner. It's really frustrating when this happened; by hook or by crook, I must be able to come out with something. I sat there motionless for about 5 minutes before I could think of a dish. Sick of eating rice nor mee, i decided to make Pizza Bread. Hence, I got down from my car & bought the necessary ingredients.

Pizza Bread

Ingredients - for the chicken:
1 chicken fillet (sliced)
1 tbsp mustard
1 tbsp BBQ sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
a dash of pepper
1 clove garlic (chopped)
1/2 tbsp oil

Ingredients - for the sauce:
3 tbsp tomatoes puree
1 tomato (chopped)
1/2 green pepper (chopped)
2 cloves garlic (chopped)

Other ingredients:
1 small bowl pineapple (cut into small cubes - about 5mm by 5mm)
Few fish sticks with crab flavour [inset left]
Cheddar cheese in slice
Loaf of bread

1. Marinate chicken with the above ingredients for at least 1 hour (the longer the better). Stir fry the chicken under medium heat. Dish up.

2. For making the sauce: Saute garlic, put in tomato cubes and green pepper cubes. Stir till fragrant. Add in the tomato puree. Let it boiled. Dish up.

3. First, spread some butter onto the bread, followed by sauce. Then add in the chicken, fish sticks and pineapple cubes. Lastly neatly lay a slice of cheese on top, covering all your ingredients. Arrange the breads on rack and toast/ bake in oven under 200º for 8 minutes or until cheese turns partial brown. Serve hot.

Note: If your pineappple is sour, marinate with sugar.

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