Saturday Night Outing

Yesterday was darling's auntie (Kuma) 60th Birthday. We had dinner with her at Gold Dragon Restaurant, PJ. There were 3 tables altogether and we had a Chinese 9 dishes meal.
  1. Fried Prawn balls & Stuffed Mussels with Sweet Sour sauce.
  2. Sharkfin soup
  3. Steamed Fish
  4. Fried BIG Prawn with Yummy sauce (Sweet & a liitle spicy)
  5. Fried rice with "Tau Zi" Fish
  6. Vegetables & Mushroom
  7. Salad Chicken
  8. Soya Milk with Sea Coconut
  9. Mochi

The dishes were all delicious. Had a pleasantly enjoyable dinner with darlings' families.

After dinner, me & darling went to Somo, Mont Kiara with a few of our friends. Had few jugs of beer, few bottles of sake. Me & darling tried two cocktails: Peachy Peach - a smooth peachy flavour & Winter Sonata - a mixture of sake. Both were smooth to taste. Wah Kor tried an Irish beer called Kilkenny. It was smoother than Heineken & creamier in texture. According to the diva there, when Kilkenny has cooled down in room temperature, it will taste like soya soy. That's why we have to drink while it's still cold.

The outing was fun & beneficial. We get to meet two new friends who worked there: Diva Vicky & Deputy Amrit. I get to had a little chat with my ex-schoolmate: Bee Lian whom I haven't got in touch ever since we graduated from high school.

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