Sweet Couple : A & C

Saturday, 19 May 2007

I woke up this morning at the sound of my incoming message. I checked my pda phone and saw a message from my guy friend: Ad, "Today free for dinner? My gf is coming to my place so i would like to intro her to u guys...". I was happy to know that he finally found his other half. Actually before this, he told me & martin about her. But he was still uncertain of how she feels towards him then. So, we just let things goes as it is.

So, we had make the appointment to meet up the new couple at Kopitiam, Taipan at 4pm. Me & martin reached there around 4.40pm. We thought we'll be extremely late but it turned out that we are not the latest. Ah Oh was there. And Joe had left the place because he had something to do, he can't wait any longer. Sorchai was there before but went to buy something. And the new couple were not there yet. 5-10 minutes after our arrival, Sh'n turned up. Was glad to see her because it's been approx. 2 months not seeing her. Haha... ah oh was extremely pissed off because he reached Kopitiam at 4pm and now everyone were there, the initiator was not there yet. But the fire was soon dozed off when they finally arrived at 5pm.

I had a strange feeling when I see Ad and his gf: Connie together. I felt a gush of joyfulness runs up my vein. It felt like as tho' my little boy has finally found his other half. Haha.. felt kinda like his mom. :P Anyway, we chit-chatted and Connie seems to be a sweet girl from Rawang. :) Am looking forward for more yumcha session with them again in near future. Congratulations, Ad!

Note: Can't wait to see who's next in our gang to introduce his gf to us.. :)
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