Farmland Porridge Steamboat, SS18 Subang Jaya

Yesterday, Sorchai, darling & I went to try out this restaurant that was recommended by my friend. The restaurant is in this one particular row of shoplots located at SS18, area facing SS14 Subang Jaya. It's a corner reastaurant. You'll be able to see the colourful lights from main road.

We reached there around 8pm. It was full-house. We have to wait to be seated. After waiting for about 10 minutes, we were ushered to the back of the restaurant to table no.28. Beside steamboat which available in 3 bases: 'normal' soup, tomyam & porridge; there are also side dishes available, eg; fried wanton, fried dumpling, fried xxx pork.

We ordered a porridge base steamboat [Inset: Left] with a 2 sets food [Inset: Below Right] , one plate fried xxx pork [Inset: Below Row Left] and one plate fried dumpling [Inset: Below Row Right]. Loved the porridge, it is very smooth and not too watery. Food was good, very fresh. The fried xxx pork was "okay only" for me, but my friend rated it "thumbs up". Fried dumpling was good. Total bill was RM70++ (Steamboat Set @ RM13.50/ set; Porridge Base @ RM1.50/ person; Fried xxx Pork @ RM12; Fried Dumpling @ RM10; Coconut @ RM4.50/ each; Ice Water @ RM0.50).

Oh yeah, one more thing: Very good service. Workers were excellent observant. We do not need to call for additional porridge, they asked whenever our pot is half empty. When they see our pot was bubbly boiling, they helped us to lower down the fire.

Note: The above xxx means something (Fried "something" pork).
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