New Japanese Restaurant in Subang: Agefuku

Me, darling & Tat went to try out the new opening Japaneses restaurant in Taipan yesterday. Yesterday was their first day opening and we happened to stumbled upon it. Actually, we wanted to try out the "Japanese Fried Delights" which is at the ground floor but this section is operating from 8.00am to 8.00pm only. We reached there about 7.50pm. So, we were directed to 1st floor instead. On the first floor was a more elegant style. This section is called "Japanese Exquisite Restaurant" which is operating from 11.00am to 11.00pm.

There was an atmosphere of excitements because the restaurant is still new and we are among the first to check it out. We wanted to sit at the counter [Left] but was re-directed to table [Above Right] instead. According to the supervisor, the counter seats are meant for those who would like to eat course meal.

Since it was their soft opening yesterday, alot of the items in menu are not available yet. We ordered 3 sets of Set Dinners, which comes with rice, miso soup, "egg pudding", salad, fruit and pickles: Tempura Zen, Chicken Teriyaki Zen and Fried Prawn. We waited for quite some time for the orders to come. It was their first day and the staffs/ chefs were not used to it yet, so the service was abit slow. The pretty Japanese Lady Boss whom was sitting at the counter noticed our boredom. She asked her in-house Magician to perform a few tricks for us. LOL.. the guy was good. He performed Magic Cards. He said he was a pure Japanese and had stayed in Malaysia for 17 years already.

His so-called assistance, who was the son of the Lady Boss aged 7 years old, can do a trick too. Try using two cigarettes, one let it stand on the table, and the other one let it sleep on the standing cigarette so that it forms a T-shape. Then use only one finger to separate the top from bottom, with a condition that the bottom cigarette remains standing. We tried but unsuccessful. The boy uses his finger and "pop" the top one fly out with the bottom remain standing. *applause* LOL...

All right, enough with the magic tricks, our orders came and were all delicious.

Mine was a "Tempura Zen" - crispy & dipping was good.

Darling's a "Chicken Teriyaki Zen" - tasted like 'mammite' chicken. If the chicken have been grilled longer, it will be tastier.

Tat's a "Fried Prawn Zen" - fresh prawns and dipping was good.

As time goes by, more & more peoples came. I would say, it was a successful opening for a Day-1. Food were delicious, price reasonable (3 sets dinner + 3 green teas + taxes = RM87.60) but service was abit slow. However, the Lady Boss have make all worth it. She is pretty and intelligent, and knows how to speak Cantonese [not fluently]. She knows how to keep her customers entertained while waiting for food. We managed to get a namecard from her for future reservation. So, if you wanna make a reservation, please contact Agefuku Restaurant at the below details.

Agefuku Restaurant
59, Jalan USJ 10/1, Taipan Triangle.
T: 03-5636 4330

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