How to Add A New Viral Icon into Your Matrix

Due to the complication in adding the new viral icons, which i believed face by many of us, I've decided to put up a mini tutorial on "How to Add a New Viral Icon into Your Matrix?" Before i start, i would like to give the credit to Marzie, for teaching me on how to find the host icon's url. Thank you again, Marzie! :)

"How to Add a New Viral Icon into Your Matrix?"

Go to your post in 'Edit Posts', click on 'Edit HTML'. Scroll down to the first available icon (as circled below).
All you need to do is replace the html code as below:
a. with 'Blog url add',
b. YOUR KEYWORDS HERE with 'Bloggers' keywords', and
c. with 'Host icon's url'.

How to identified a, b & c?

a. 'Blog url add'; (eg: - You can easily find this at their blog.

b. 'Bloggers' keywords'; (eg: A Great Pleasure) - Move your mouse over to the host icon, stay still until the keywords appear.

c. 'Host icon's url'; (eg: - Right click on the host icon, click on 'Properties'. You will be able to see the url add as circled below in second diagram.

I hope this is easy digested by all. If you still do not understand, please let me know.

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