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1. What were you doing ten years ago?
Still studying, preparing for my PMR exam.
Enjoying stress-free life of a student with my good friends.
Loving all the small gifts that was given by my admirers. ^^
Sharing a room with my sister and loving all the jokes we had before we sleep.
Admiring two guys whom also have good feelings about me.

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?
Working hard for company and at the same time, enjoying life with families (including my dad).

3. What are five snacks you enjoy?
Jack 'n' Jill Potatoes Chip
Halls Lemon Candy
Frito Lay Tortilla Chips

4. What are five songs you know the lyrics to?
Top of The World by Carpenters
End of The World by Eddy Arnold (Oldies)
Lagenda by Sheila Masjid
Time Goes By by Spice Girls
Don't Speak by No Doubts

5. Five Things You Would Do If You Were A Millionaire:
Please refer to my Being A Millionaire post.

6. Five Bad Habits:
Nagging (Sometimes)
Demanding (At times)
Sleeping Late
Touching My Hair

7. Five Things You Like To Do:
Sketching new designs
Catching up with my friends

8. Five Things You Would Never Wear:
Micro Mini Skirt
Corset (unless on my wedding day, if needed)
High Waist Pants
Small Prints Shirt

9. Five Favorite Toys:
My Sweetheart Chloe
My Precious Ariel & Brownie
PC Games (I was The Sims maniac)
My Sewing Machine
My Kitchen

10. Five Things You Hate To Do:
Sweeping the floor (Hate! Hate! Hate!)
Walking (Walking in shopping mall is not included)
Drinking BITTER herbal tea (Hate to Drink:)
Explaining Myself (except on business)

Okay, here are the five bloggers that I would like to tag:
Janice from This is a Miracle
Marzie from Mariuca
Sam from Simple Life
Jerry from 38kia and his blog
Jo from Vee Vee Waa Waa

Take your time to do this and enjoy yourselves! :)

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