Ariel Is Hopitalized

Today, during lunch time, Ariel was not feeling well. She vomited and collapsed. We checked her tongue, it was very pale and her nose was cold. And she urinated while lying down. I was so scared, I cried, because my previous dog urinated before she passed away.

Immediately we brought her to Healing Room, a veterinary clinic nearby. Dr Vijay attended to her. He examined her but couldn't conclude what is wrong with her. So, he suggested that we give her dripping first, to get her blood & oxygen flowing rightly. Then he took her blood for testing. According to Dr.Vijay, we need to do step-by-step tests to find out which part of her organ that is not functioning right. All these could easily ended up with RM700-800.

After dripping, she began to feel better, or at least we think she feels better because she was sulking for my stroking and her tongue have some colours back. We leave Ariel at the clinic for Dr.Vijay to do the heartworm test. It was 3pm then.

At about 4.30pm, Dr.Vijay called. He said,"Jean, I got bad news for you. Ariel was tested positive on heartworm". So, we rushed to the clinic and listen to what Dr.Vijay have to say or suggest. He said that Ariel is classified under class 4, meaning her condition is very ill and "Do not treat her. Treatment is too risky." He went on further to explain that it was confirmed that Ariel have got heartworm, but it might be also other part of her which is not functioning well.

The more test we did, the more information we have. So, the next test now is a more detailed blood test and x-ray. What we can do now is prolong her life span. If she could live upto 6 months, it's a miracle. Ariel is hospitalized for observation and assist in the tests.

We went to the "ward" to see her. She looks much better now, she wagged her tail when she saw us. But she's like a time bomb. If she got too excited or scared, her heart will have difficulties pumping the blood, thus creating a no-oxygen flowing in her. I have no idea what will happen next. I can't plan anything, but to just go with the flow.

Let's pray that she'll be a miracle dog!

p/s: i am sick now. have slight fewer and headache. :(

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