Award For You, My Great Friend!

When I first started A Great Pleasure, I know nothing about the blogosphere. I blog simply because I wanted a permanent online space where I could jot down my recipes and my memorable moments.

Never have I imagine that I could meet peoples through blogging. What’s more? They are all great bloggers with the most sincere heart I’ve ever seen. Before I realize it, I’ve created a new network of friends on net. Through meme that we’ve been passing around, we’ve known each others even more deeply. And this has lead to our friendships blossoming into beautiful relationships. With them around, my blogging experiences are so much fun and enjoyable!

To you, my friends,
Thank you so much for being here, in my blogging life. Words can’t describe how thankful and glad I am, I’ll let this award speak for itself. This is an award which I’ve personally created (through brainstorming and a lot of hard works) just for you guys. I hope you guys will know, understand and accept that you are a great, fun-to-be-with, kind, sweet and lovely person. (Some of you might think that you don’t deserve this. But I can assure you that if your name is here, you truly deserved this more than anything!)

*mmuuakss* *mmuuakss*

Okay, my friends, please come to the stage to receive your award when I call your name . :)

  • Marzie: You've been the sweetest girl to me from the first moment I joined MBL. You've introduced me to the world of viral tagging which have linked me to other great bloggers. Thank you for help and your friendship! :)

  • Bobby: You are a great guy and a wise one too. You are always sharing your knowledge about blogging and you never stop giving. You've given me so much motivation to keep me going. Thank you for all your efforts and loves, BIG GUY! :)

  • Janice: You are a superb woman and the prettiest mom too! You said you are not good at socializing but I think you are Excellent! I am not sure how you do it, but you always make my day! Glad to have you around! :)

  • Nick: You are one of my first commenters (I know I've already told u this, but I just wanted you to know again. :P) and you've made me realized that someone will actually reads my stuff. It was a great encouragement from you. Your comments usually make me laugh. Thanks, Nick! :)

  • Sam: It's been such a great joy to exchange foodies information with you. You are a great Eater, knowing where to hunt for good food! I think we'll make a good pair. Shall we start our own "Cari-cari Makan!"? :) [Direct translation: Cari-cari makan = Find-find food]

  • Bro bokjae: Bro bokjae, you are one that i considered the most knowledgeable blogger. Thank you for your encouragement!

  • Mr. Zubli: You are one playful man with a BIG heart for blogging and bloggers. It is so much fun exchanging endless messages with you. You may be naughty witty at times, but that's what make u a unique man. :)

  • Jerry a.k.a 38kia: You are one fine talented artist! With a twist of humour & creativity, you've came out with the most outstanding blog. I've been attracted to your cartoons even when it is in B&W. Now that you've upgraded it, and uses colours in your cartoons, it's amazing! And I love your No Date on Weekends post. Thanks for your mini mention. I am honored to be part of your cartoon. :)

  • NAFA: You peeps are great! Continue to be who you guys are and what you guys are doing! *p/s: continue sending those yummy cookies and hot choc, ya! i love it! :)

  • Adrian: I've just meet you but it felt like I have known u for ages. Maybe it's because i've been hearing about you from your buddy, Nick. And when we started exchanging comments, i kinda understood why both of you are still buddies after such a long time. Your friendly comments have made me feel at ease. Thank you, buddy! :)

  • Mika: Tho' we seldom talk, but your frequent visits are well appreciated and welcome here. It's been a great pleasure to know you! :)

  • Bobo: You are a lovely lady with charming personalities of your own. There's no one out there who is like you. You are simply unique! :)

  • Emila: You are such a talented lady! I admire you from head to toe, toe back to head! I've fallen in love with your style of drawing from the first moment I saw it. It was Mariuca header. I've always love your illus, painting, and handicrafts. And it seems like you are getting better and better. Hope that you'll always get your inspiration for your artworks!

  • Amber: I know of your existence through Woman: Gods Masterpiece. It was a great interview. From there, I've got to know that you are no ordinary woman. You are an inspiration to others. I've been wanting to know more about you. Glad that I have the chance now. :)

  • Suzie: You've reminded me of my old self. I used to be actively involved in church activities and on fire for Him. That was during my secondary years. Now that I am working, I've been less active. Your faith reminds me that God loves everyone. Thank you for dedicating your blog to Him. You are awesome! :)

  • Betshopboy: You are the only person who will ask for my permission before tagging me. You are such a Gentleman! :)

  • Kev: I love your enthusiasm towards home cooking. Your endless strive to make a delicious meal have earned you my respect. Keep it up! :)

  • Merkal: You are the first one who wanted to interview me and had interviewed me. I am flattered and honored at the same time that someone from Istanbul are interested in knowing me. Thanks for making me feel at home! :)

  • Sandman: You are a mysterious person. I can't seem to understand you well. But one thing I am sure is that you are a great person! :)

  • Dunn: You played a role in welcoming me into blogosphere. Thank you for exchanging links with me and making me feel at home! :)

  • Rein: You have welcomed me with kindness and love. Thank you! :)

  • Suray: You have invited me to be part of your community and there's no doubt that I will regret joining your community. You are a friendly guy! :)

  • Min Min: I approached you first because I was attracted to your creative way of editing your photos. You are a cheerful lady, always bringing sunshine to others. Wishing you all the best in your future undertakings at uni! ;)

  • Jo: You are one bubbly lady with sweet personalities! Appreciate all your comments and visits! :)

  • Steve: I still remember your first comment on my blog is on a food post. You were among the first one to greet me. Your friendliness was shown when you messaged me on BlogCatalog. Thank you for the warmth you've shown to me! Do let me know when you are in Subang. I'll bring you and your friends to that restaurant! ;)

  • Nihal: I've just known you. You are an interesting guy! Hope that we'll get to know more about each others. I will reserve you for my next meme. Don't runaway! ;)
Hope you guys enjoyed this award presentation. Remember, even if there is one particular person on net that dislike you, you’ve been the greatest to me. So, just ignore him/her! Happy Blogging! ;)

Enjoy your Friday and Have a Great Weekend! ;)

p/s: Initially, the award is only available in pink. Then I thought what about the GUYS. So, I made it in blue as well.

Note: If i've missed anyone out, don't be surprise! My memory is getting worst nowadays. Not that I forget about you, but I just don't recall at this moment. :P

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