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Have you ever played paperdoll during your childhood? I have! And it was my favourie past time. I remembered, I was always nagging my parents to buy for me at the convenient store down the lane. And when they really had bought for me, I was delightful and enjoyed dressing up the paperdoll all by myself. My sister was 5 years older than me, so we don't share the same toy.

And when I was at Bobo's place the other day, I saw that she has registered herself in a new Barbie-like game called Miss Bimbo. So, I registered myself too. I was excited but because the game loaded very slow, I only played once so far.

Then yesterday, I saw Bobo have found new thingy. It was the dress up game. I was intensely enthusiastic about it. In my heart I was shouting,"Oh God! Oh God! This is fantastic!". (If I had Ariel's decease, i think my heart would stop pumping because of inordinate excitement. :P) And so, I immersed myself into it. After hours & hours, here are some of my mix & match...
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You may try it yourself here. Click the below to activate. (For Bobo's Dress Up Game, click here.)

Dress up games - Fashion Games - Doll Maker

So, do you have fun? What? You want more? okok, there are more dress up game at Dollie Bliss. Go play yourself! And Enjoy! :)

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