Look Out Point Restaurant/ Cafe, Ulu Langat

I know most of us have heard of this well known Look Out Point Restaurant. I've got to know about this restaurant from a blog post: Restaurant Look Out Point KL City View which was forwarded to me in email sometime back in February 2007. The pictures shown in this post were alluring and temptings. Our first visit to this place was great. Everything was exactly as shown in the blog. I wrote a post: Uphill Restaurant on this before in my friendster blog.

Well, last month, me and my families went there again. If you are there, you'll be amazed with the breathtaking sceneries of KL night view.

J E A N   C H I A © 2007

J E A N   C H I A © 2007

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If you want to know how to get there, simply follow the instruction stated at the bottom of Ms. Ching Ling's post: Restaurant Look Out Point KL City View

Hope you'll enjoy the astonishing view and scrumptious meal with your loved ones! :)

Note: While I was trying to find back the first post i got to know 'Look Out Point' from, i stumbled across Daniel's post. He too, have been there before. What makes me think this blogosphere is small? Is that this first post i read belongs to Daniel's friend and Daniel handsome face was on it. No wonder when I first got to know Daniel somewhere around April, he seems familiar. Such a delightful coincidences!

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