Three Sweet Ladies & Me

Through daily emailing, chatting and joking, we've knitted closer together as a bunch of good friends on net. A day without them feels like something is amiss. I must at least get a few good words with them daily. They are my antidote for happiness.

One day, we were into the buttons topic. Marzie asked me about mine, and I told her I made it myself using Adobe Illus. She asked,"Why not you made buttons for us too? And we could have the same theme!" I agreed instantly on her great idea.

Before I show the buttons out, I wanted to clarify one thing first. I only made the buttons. I did not make these dollies myself. I got it from The owner of this site is Mitsiki. She's one lovely and sweet lady, just like the graphics found on her site. Simply loving it! ^^

So, here are the buttons for your viewing pleasure. :)

sweet ladies janice's miracle emila

mariuca mariuca's perfume a great pleasure

To get these cute buttons, please ask from the respective owner. For mine, you can get it here. ;)

Have a Great Sunday Afternoon! :)

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