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Before I go on to the tag, I would like to congratulate Emila for being one of the Malaysian top 5 bloggers. Don't ask me "How she gets the votes?" It's obvious that peoples loves her blog and her artworks! Duh! [Nick & Adrian, gotta borrow your word,ya! ;)]

Emila have won herself:
3D/2N stay in a Double Deluxe room + breakfast @ Awana Genting Highlands for 2 persons Cable Car Tickets for 2 persons
FLY Show Tickets (PS2 scale) for 2 persons
Genting All Park Tickets for 2 persons

Congratulations, Emila! Enjoy your little vakasi, ya! :) [Marzie, here's your word again - vakasi! hehe..]

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Ok, so now back to the tag. Janice have tagged me on 8 questions you shouldn't ask an Excellent Cook!

1. You're an excellent cook, so you should have eaten alot of good food. How come you are still so skinny?
Helloo!! Have you ever heard of never able to gain weight?

2. What do you mean by "never able to gain weight"?
Eat alot but weight is still at a stable 43-45kgs.

3. Eat more cannot meh?
......pls read no.2 again & again until you memorized it.

4. How about taking Apetton Weight Gain ?
Apetton is for those who doesn't have apetite to eat. For you info, I have BIG APETITE for foodies.

5. Then, how about..??
Hush.. zip it!! Enough on my weight!!!

6. Do you like cooking?
Duh!! Otherwise how do I get myself the recognition for Excellent Cook if not from my passion for cooking?!

7. When are you getting married?
I'll let you know when it's time.

8. So, who are you gonna tag?
Now, that's a better question. But you shouldn't ask me this neither! Be patient! You'll know it when i write it out after this.

Ok, so you heard enough of mine, now let me hear from you:

Have a Great Weekends ALL! ;)

Disclaimer: The above Glitter Graphic was taken from Does not belong to me.

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