I Love Your Blog! Awards

I Love Your Blog!

Aside from receiving positive responses from your readers/ friends, receiving award is also part of the motivational movement to keep ones blogging. Winston or better known as Mr. Fong and MakeTraffic or MT for short, have both awarded me on the same award: I Love Your Blog! I am so thrilled & honored to received this award. It really shouts,"I Love Your Blog!" in bold. :)) Thank you, Winston & MT, you both are awesome guy blogger!

Since I was presented twice on this award, I will pass this award to 10 'qualified' recipients. They are no other than my best friends in blogosphere:
Marzie from Mariuca
Janice from This is A Miracle
Emila from Emila's Illustrated Blog
Bobby from Revellian
Jerry from 38kia and his blog
Sam from This is A Simple Life
Nick from Anything Goes
Adrian from First Time Dad
Bobo from d BiMbO wIf D tWiSt

Congratulations, my friends! Now, do spread the linkies love! :)

As i was about to end this post, i received a message from lovely Marzie. She has presented me with I Love Your Blog! award. Yay!! Being awarded for the third time is really a great feeling. I am over the clouds nine now. Thank you, my dear!!! Love ya lots!! *HUGZ*

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