Yay!! Jean Rocks!!

Says who?
Says Mr. Fong a.k.a Winston from Eat Your Maths.
Thank you, Winston! :))

Yay!! Winston thinks that I rocks!! :) Makes me wanna dance now. But I ain't gonna dance alone. Let me invite my Rockin' Girl Bloggers to this dance first: Bobo, Nicole, Jamilla, Mika, Marzie and last but not least, the girl who has just won herself a sponsored vakasi to Genting, Emila Yusof!!

I would also like to invite all Winstons' choosen Rockin' Girl Bloggers to join us in this dance. They are Janice, Karen, Sweetpea and Ann.

Come on' ladies!
Let's shake your hands
and move your butts!
We are the Rockin' Girl Bloggers!! Yay!!

Disclaimer: The above graphic was taken from Does not belong to me.

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