Anniversary Dinner

As I was saying yesterday, we couldn't decide where to celebrate our 7th anniversary. So, guess what? We ended up eating both!

Yup, first we went to Sushi King and filled quarter of our stomach with our favourite japanese dishes: chuka chimni, sake, inari burger, tempura, and more chuka chimni. :)

Then we stroll around the shopping mall, giving ample time for our stomach to do some digestion before our "main" meal. We bought each others pressies. (You see, we both were busy lately and there's no time to buy pressies until yesterday. Pressies are not the main subject on our anniversary, Food is). He got me an earring and I got him a pen.

After buying each others pressies, we went to Eden Restaurant. It was my childhood restaurant. My family & I used to frequent Eden, the one near Atria when I was young. Unfortunately, they have closed down that Eden many years ago.

Now, they have it near my place. This was the first time my partner & I visited Eden@Subang Parade. The interior design of this fine dining restaurant was not to my expectation. Well, I admit, I compared this with the former one in Atria. But aren't the new one suppose to have some improvement? The furnitures were all in wooden medium brown color and the lightings were too bright. It doesn't look high-class. But other than that, I love Eden@Subang Parade. I love the ambiance: quiet and relaxing. I love their staffs: friendly & polite. I love their food: yummy & at reasonable price.

We started off with their recommended Tropical Storm [Inset: Above Left] and Espresso Blend [Inset: Above Right]. We loved the Tropical Storm. It has some lime flavor to it and it's simply refreshing! The Espresso Blend was just all-right.

For appetizer, we had Mini Nachos [Inset: Above] which was yummy. And for soups, I had a Chunky Oxtail Soup [Inset: Below Left], while my darling had a Lobster Bisque [Inset: Below Right]. Both soups were delicious. :)

For main course, I had an Amazing Mixed Grill [Inset: Left] - grilled chicken, steak & cheese sausage in black pepper sauce. I loved the steak & sauce ~ Yummy! My darling had a Kingdom of The Sea [Inset: Below Right] - baked lobster, fried fish fillets, calamari and scallops. We loved the lobster, calamari & scallops, everything except the fried fish fillets. The fish fillet were too soggy with oil from the deep frying, we thought.

And lastly for dessert, we had Eden's Mud Pie [Inset: Below] . To our disappointments, the mud pie sucks! I did not finish it. The mud pie has small pieces of ice in between of its fine ice-cream. Its like as tho' they have prepared the mud pie earlier (eg; scooped it out and decorated it) and put them in freezer. I was really looking forward to the mud pie but disappointment is what i get!However, our overall experience at Eden was still Good. The mud pie does not stop us from wanting to go there again. We will surely go there to try other dishes. :)

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