Genie In A Bottle?

No, silly! It's Message in a Bottle! It's the easiest meme ever registered in A Great Pleasure Book of Record. A sweet girl named Rozella whom I have just met is the one who has tagged me on this meme.

It's easy enough! All you need to do is put your own message in the above picture. And then send it sailing off to your blogger friends. Be sure to let the one you've tagged that they've been tagged!

Here goes my message in a bottle. It'll gently sail to my lovely friends: Marzie, Janice, Emila, Bobby, Ladyjava, FL Sam, Bro Bokjae, Bobo, Syura (gal, i know you've done this but you are one of my lovely friends, i gotta let it sail to u. ;)) and Karen.

Love you guys! :)

[25 August 2008 - Update: You can submit your message in a bottle to Wavy at Message In A Bottle. She will then published your message on her blog, together with hundreds of others. My message there too, at #272. :)]

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