Friendship Meme

I am so happy! My best buddy Marzie has dedicated a Friendship Meme to me. She's really a sweetheart! I love ya, Marzie!

For this Friendship Meme, i would like to tag my great blog buddies:
Marzie - How many times do i have to tell u? You're the best of the best! I love ya!! *muaks*
Janice - The superb mom who's ever so caring and thoughtful!
Emila - The talented artist who's ever so humble & helpful.
Bobby - I'll never forget all that you've taught me. Thank you, Big Guy! *HUGZ*
Adrian - A generous guy with a great family who's always giving out awards.
Nick - A funny guy who's always with a lengthy post that never bored me. :)
LadyJava - Her sense of humor is above average and that makes her a great friend to hang around. :)
MenopausePrincess - Her pink blog first attracts me to know her more and i'm glad i did. She's indeed a great friend!
Sandman - An inspiring writer with an understanding heart.
NafaSG - A great group of peeps who's also nannies to my Ariel & Brownies. :)
FL Sam - Yummy~licious, my great partner-in-crime! Always out for good food! :)
Karen - My great friend with an inspiring blog.
Trinity - I love her blog! She's always so creative in her way to present a post. :)
Bobo - Adorable with attitude!
Kevin - my loyal blog buddy who has been with me from the start.
Winston - my funny blog buddy who's also a smart guy.
Abby - my new great blog buddy whom i wish to keep for the rest of my life. :)
Emmy - my sweet weekend snapshot buddy who's ever so sweet! :)
Randy - Admiring his spirit to keep fighting! Go, Randy! :)
Ratu Syura - Humble, Sweet & Lovely she is!
Jamilla - The most thoughtful girl on net! Im glad I knew her!
Sollee - my great blog buddy, always in tune with me & my blog! Love ya! :)
Stephanie - She's always so kind & helpful.
Pia - my great prayer partner, always there when i needed her. Thank you, Pia! :)
Joezul - great poetry he is, always so well in expressing himself.
Mr. Zubli - my greatest stress zapper! His cheerful & bubbly characters are always there to booze up my day! :)
Jerry - great artist with a great sense of humor expressed in his blog.
Nicole - my faithful friend who never turns me down.
MT - my honest blog buddy who's always so humble & thoughtful!
Mika - thank you for the html codes (translator)!
and Bro Bokjae - Great wisdom he has & Great friend he is.

Being a blogger completes my life by knowing you guys! Thank you for being my friend and i will truly cherish your friendship till the end of time! :)

Let’s see how huge this circle of friends can be. Add your link onto this Friendship Meme!

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17. Farah
18. Anoushka
19. Noushy Syah
20. Eagle
21. Dasir
22. M2M
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24. NAFA
25. Mariuca
26. Bokjae
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A Great Pleasure
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