Office Furnitures

After 4 years of settling in this office, i think it is time for a change. It wasn't because my office looks very old but I was just thinking of giving my office a new look, that's mean buying new office furniture like office desks and office tables.

As I was browsing the internet for office desks, i stumbled upon this website which has all the office furnitures that i needed. It's a One-Stop online shopping website, so i thought. First, i look at their great range of price point office desks. It is said to be one of the best type of desk in UK, which comes with an 8-years guarantee. This range has been independently tested by FIRA for strength & stability (BS EN 527-2 & BS 4875-5 to level 4) so you can be certain they'll stand the test of time.

These desks has a 25mm thick desk top where as most similar desks have only 18mm thick tops. It has double upstand legs which reduces bowing meaning there are 2 vertical supports instead of one. Other than all those that I've mentioned it has a 2mm thick edging whereas most similarly priced desks have 0.6mm thick edging. I guessed these desks will fit perfectly well in my office, especially when it has my favorite "maple" color.

Next, i look at their special offers. I was quickly attracted to their Extra Large Executive Operator Chair. It has great comfy fabric which is just perfect for my fussy skin. Then, i look at their side table, premium bookcases and filing cabinets. It all has my "maple" color. My office is gonna look so cool! I think the next thing i should source for is a brand new carpet. :)

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