AGP Is Back With A New Look

Hello Guys!

Did you miss me & AGP? I hope you guys did coz I've been burning candles at both ends, trying to get my blog done asap so that I could show her to you. I was so excited that I almost burst from anxiousness. I can't wait to show her to you guys. And you can't imagine what a great relief it was to finally finished my blog makeover. I hope you guys will find my new layout more organized & user-friendly! :)

Before that, I would like to give Emila a BIG HUG for rushing the illustration of Ms.Yummy~licious (on my header) for me. She is indeed a kind & helpful friend.

Thank you, Emila! I know you have alot of works piling up behind you. Thanks for helping me with the banner! You memang best lar! Jean Love Emila!! :D

Also a special thanks to those who has commented on my blog just before my Blog Makeover! : Trinity, Marzie, LadyBanana, Farah Deen, FL Sam & Janice.

For those who is a first-timer here, you can have a glimpse of the old AGP as per below screen shot.

so, what's new & different?
1. From two column layout to three column layout - Credit: Blogger Buster
2. Added top of page - Credit: Blogger Buster
3. Added a navigation bar - Credit: Blogger Buster
4. Added scrollbars for my blogroll widgets - Credit: Tips For New Bloggers
5. Added Favicon - Credit: Blogger Buster
6. Changed twitter outlook - Credit: Blogger Buster
7. Added a playlist - Credit: Project Playlist
8. Added a Latest Post & Latest Comment Widget - Credit: Hoctro's Place
9. Changed background - Credit:
10. Changed Header - Credit: Emila Yusof
11. Added a section for my Weekend Snapshot (WS) Buddies. (Please let me know your blog's url & name in the comment box. I will add it to my blogroll.)
12. Added a section for Linkies Love. It could be my favorite posts or blogs. I will start sprinkling some linkies love once I've settled down. :)

[Update 16-July-2008]
13. Added new style for author comments - Credit: Tips For New Blogger
14. Added new divider in between posts - Graphic from
15. Replaced "Older Posts" and "Newer Posts" text with icons - Graphic from

I think that's about all. Looks like alot to be done in just a few days, right? Don't you think it's time to party?!!

Since I have no time to cook, I brought some finger-licking good chickens from KFC and some thirst quenching cold drinks from nearby hypermarket. I am expecting the rest from you guys. ;) Enjoy!

Disclamer: The above animated graphics were taken from

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