Ariel In Pink

Finally, I've finished knitting this adorable pink knit wear for Ariel. I am now into my second pet's wear knitting for Brownie. It is in red colour.

I remembered sometime around last year, Marzie has tagged Ariel & Brownie on wearing red. Ariel don't have any red clothes, so i hope pink is acceptable, afterall she looks prettier in pink. :)
Sorry for the delay, marzie dear! Hope it's not too late to post this one! I'll dress up Brownie once I've finished knitting hers, k! Thanks for the tag, lovely! :)

I was also thinking of selling hand-knitted pet wear. It was actually the idea of my friend & I. She was the one who taught me how to knit pet's wear. We are testing the market now and if there's a market, we will open an online business together. So, what do you think? Will you buy this for your pets?

click to see enlarged picture

Price : RM 198.00 *
Size : Ariel is wearing an M size. Length : 14" (base of the neck to base of the tail)
Availbility: At the moment - NA. Please contact me for custom made

*Prices varies according to sizes. So, the smaller the size, the cheaper. :)

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