What Olympic Sport Are You?

Like LJ and Marzie, i love taking quizzes at Blogthing. Their quizzes are really simple & fun!

With the Olympics 2008 still going on at Beijing, this quiz came in just in tune with the mood. That's why when I saw this quiz at Agnes today, I know I must post this at my blog too. (Shemah, faster take up the quiz and see if you're the next Phelps, Bolt or Lin Dan. haha..)

and wow! it seems I am a boxer! cool, rite! :)

You Are Boxing

You are assertive, strong, and downright aggressive.
You have the power to demolish your opponent...
And you have the endurance to make sure the job is finished.

What Olympic Sport Are You?

List of Olympians:
Agnes is a softball player.
Debbie is a softball player.
Janice is a softball player.
Jean Chia is a boxer.
Emila is a boxer.
Marzie is a gymnasts.
Bono is a badminton player.
Colored Heart is a volleyball player.
Shemah is a tennis player.

Have fun and don't forget to let me know what is your olympic sport! :)

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