I'm Gonna Be a Bridesmaid, I Need A Dress!

Yes, I'm gonna be a bridesmaid this coming september yet still have no dress to wear. I can't believe how fast time flies! When my friend told me about her wedding two and a half months ago, I thought, "Well, I still have time to shop around."

But now, look at me! Look at my wardrobe! I don't have any new special occasion dresses to wear! Realizing that I don't have any time to shop around, I look for another alternative, that is to shop online. Hehe, thanks to the modern technology, rite! :)

To my luck, i've found a great website called Rissy Roo's which offers lots of prom dresses and prom shoes, as well as other party dresses. What I like about Rissy Roo's is that they register each and every dress and will only sell one of each style to any special event. That's mean you don't have to worry about style clashes. :)

Come and help me decide! I had my eyes on these few dresses. Which is the best for me? Remember, my dress cannot be too exaggerated, I'm only the bridesmaid! :)

oh, don't worry about the color! i can still pick the color! :)

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