Ms. Yummy~licious And Victory Hair

Hey guys! I am sure you guys remember my previous posts about the most memorable pick-up line and the worst pick-up line, rite! In my posts, I've said that whatever it is, we must be sincere and own the Victory Hair to win the first impression, rite! So, what do you guys understood by my saying of Victory Hair?

Let me give you an example based our (me & M) first meeting up after we left high school. Yes, we've been to the same high school. M has been admiring me since form 2 (14 years old) but he didn't make any move to talk to me except for all the cute gifts he has given me during Valentine's day, Canteen Day, Teacher's Day and other small functions we had in school. So, when we met up again at my friend's birthday party, I was really shy. We were 19 years old at that time.

I've noticed him because he has the sexiest hairstyle in the room, at least that is what i thought. I couldn't believe my eyes that this attractive guy was my admirer. He came up to me and said, "Hi, nice meeting you again here! How have you been?" We started chit-chatting away. Then all of the sudden, he commented, "I couldn't help myself from noticing that your hair has grown alot longer now and it really suits you. I think you look beautiful with this hairstyle!" I was speechless for a few seconds, for i didn't see this compliment coming. My cheek was burning like garlic bread on charcoal, and i knew i was blushing. Then I said, "Well, you too! You've a great sense of style now compared to last time. Your hair looks great!" We both smiled.

And that's my definition of victory hair: Gorgeous hairstyle that can attract someone to you like bees to honey. It pays off to 'beautify' your hair. I'm so glad that I've took the effort to 'beautify' my hair at that time. As I said, first impression is always important. :)

Now, 7 years later, we're still together. Flirting has always been a part of us to keep our relationship on fire. And that's how this Ultimate Flirting Championship game, sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5 comes in handy.

You will either be the judge or the flirter. If you are the judge, you get to pick questions to ask the flirters and pick the best answer between the two. Meanwhile, if you are the flirter, you will need to respond to the questions as fun & sexy as you are. Sounds interesting, rite? Go ahead and have fun playing this game. :)

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