Ms.Yummy~licious In myLot

Hello peeps!

Have you ever heard of myLot? It is a place in the blogosphere where you can discuss openly about anything & everything under the sun. You can either join a discussion or post a discussion.

It doesn't sound appealing to me when LJ first recommended to me, but after i've joined myLot, i began to understand why LJ said this can be addictive. She's right!

You can talk & talk non-stop in myLot and it gets even more intense when you've be friended with other myLotters. You can also get opinions on something you wanted to know or in doubt of, like "How many cup of coffee you drink a day?" or "Does your doggies hump all the time?"

Oh, did i mention that you will get paid for responding in myLot? Yes, it's true. So far, I've made $0.63 and befriended with 7 myLotters, includes two of my blogger friends: LJ and Debbie. Come and join us now. It's really a good place to kill some times as well as earning some good pocket money.

I'll be waiting for ya! ;)

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