Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest

With Marzie's birthday just around the corner, it is hard not to get excited. I've been thinking hard what should I get for her. It has to be within my budget and her likeness. It's a really tough decision.

I thought since she loves perfume so much, i wanted to give her this uplifting fragrance - Elizabeth Arden Green Tea. It has a great scent of green tea that energizes the body. Perfect for any occasion! But on second thought, I am afraid that she already has this one. So, I am back to square one again on what should I get for her.

After a deep thought and thorough search in the net, I've finally decided that this Leaf Shoulder Soft Bag will be the perfect gift for her. It is made of leather and is available in brown colour. This bag will be perfect for her elegant and at the same time her playful traits. There is a 1 front pocket with magnetic lock, 1 back zipper pocket, 1 handphone holder, 2 pen holder, 1 window slot for name card/photo and 1 inner compartment with zipper. With such features and the approx size of 26L x 21W x 2D cm , this bag can be used to keep most of her stuffs. And she can use this on her travels too, it is big enough for her to put her travel documents.

Oh, i can already imagine Marzie looking great in this bag. Don't you think so? :)

p/s: This post is for Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.

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