AGP Is Going Through A Makeover

Hello peeps,

As you can see, AGP is going through a makeover. I am testing AGP on two commonly used browsers: IE & firefox, to make sure that both browsers are able to load AGP beautifully.

This afternoon, it took me a good few hours to work with my header. The end result is both my navigation bar and search widget were in placed on my header. But the gap between my header and the post body was abit too big. So just now, i tried to adjust it. I ended up screwing my whole header (navigation & search widget). I've been working on it for an hour already but to no avail. Each time, it can only pleased either IE or firefox, where as i need AGP to look good in both. *argh*

This makeover is taking too much time. Not because i've much to makeover but i need to fix on the alignment problem! Also, I am encountering another problem. As you can see, if you are a firefox user, you can view my calendar icon on my post, rite! But if you are an IE user, you would not be able to view it. So, what has I done wrong?? I am really frustrated!! *argh*

I've asked Annie from BlogU to help me, but she has yet to reply me. Hope she will have good news for me!

If not, I will just have to redo my whole blog, from expanding the body, adding a third sidebar, adding widgets and so on. My heart has just dropped as I thought of the whole process. It'll be my worst nightmare!! ><

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