Pink Sisterhood

...October month to raise awareness on Breast Cancer...
I've just been tagged by Marzie to join her in the Pink Sisterhood. Even tho' there's a long list of tags awaiting me to complete, I'm gonna to do this one first, simply because I support Pink for October. Moreover this tag is to be done in October month to raise awareness on Breast Cancer. I am sure those whom I owed tags to wouldn't mind my decision, rite! :)

Understanding Breast Cancer:

The breast is a gland designed to make milk. The lobules in the breast make the milk, which then drains through the ducts to the nipple.

Like all parts of your body, the cells in your breasts usually grow and then rest in cycles. The periods of growth and rest in each cell are controlled by genes in the cell's nucleus. The nucleus is like the control room of each cell. When your genes are in good working order, they keep cell growth under control. But when your genes develop an abnormality, they sometimes lose their ability to control the cycle of cell growth and rest.
Breast cancer is an uncontrolled growth of breast cells.

Cancer has the potential to break through normal breast tissue barriers and spread to other parts of the body. While cancer is always caused by a genetic "abnormality" (a "mistake" in the genetic material), only 5–10% of cancers are inherited from your mother or father. Instead, 90% of breast cancers are due to genetic abnormalities that happen as a result of the aging process and life in general.

While there are things every woman can do to help her body stay as healthy as possible (such as eating a balanced diet, not smoking, minimizing stress, and exercising regularly), breast cancer is never anyone's fault. Feeling guilty, or telling yourself that breast cancer happened because of something you or anyone else did, is counterproductive.

~Sources from BreastCancer.Org

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PINK Sisterhood
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Since Marzie has already tagged most of my friends, this give me a good opportunity to tag my newly met friends: blankpixels, Ivan Girl, Bon & Jeff, Greg, Grace, Marri and Na.

Have fun doing this tag, guys! And it's great to meet you guys back in this tag! :)

First Commentator

Congratulations, Na! :)
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